We Live In A Time Of Extraordinary Challenges.
Unstable Climate. Biodiversity Loss. Extreme Poverty.

Extraordinary challenges call for extraordinary partnerships. Journey with us as we explore market mechanisms to promote a more inclusive and meaningful conservation and climate change actions. 

For our planet. For our people.


Who We Are

We are an enterprise for people and for nature.
We promote conservation with the community, by the community, and for the community.

Mission & Vision

Vision: To be the leading and community-trusted enterprise in stimulating inclusive growth and in working for a more livable environment.

Mission: Build partnerships. Facilitate synergy. And support livelihoods of local communities for inclusive economic growth and for a more meaningful community-led conservation and climate change actions.


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Projects Supported

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The Nature Stimulus Project (NSP) is GreenPact’s banner program and the trading arm of the Corporation. It utilizes market mechanisms to promote inclusive economic growth and finance biodiversity conservation and climate change actions. We work with local community organizations who are already producing consumer products. We enhance, procure, promote and market their products for profit.  And then we give back 100% of our profits to biodiversity conservation and climate actions.

We also build on the communities’ existing value chains from building internal capacities to addressing the last mile-challenges of promotions and marketing and material circularity. GreenPact builds partnerships with government agencies, civil society organizations, and the private sector to facilitate a convergence of expertise and services that could potentially enhance community value chains and their products. In giving back our profits to conservation and climate change actions, we also help protect and sustain the ecosystems services that underpin their livelihoods.

So when you buy Nature Stimulus Products, you do not just support local communities; you also help conserve our biodiversity and the fight against climate change. You help nurture life on land and below water. You help build a better climate for our children and for their children’s children.

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When you buy Nature Stimulus Products,  you directly contribute to protecting life on land and below water and to working for a more stable climate.
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    Our raw wild honey is manually gathered ...

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    Our VCO products are produced by the Bro ...

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    Our salt is produced by member-salt farm ...

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    Provision of Management Services, Technical Support, and Capacity Building. This is our main enabling strategy. We offer support that could enhance  our partners' capacity to drive and manage their livelihoods' value chains.  We also help our partner communities build  capacities to  protect their environment and sustain the ecosystems services that underpin their very own livelihoods. 
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