We are a green enterprise for people and for nature.
We promote and support conservation with the community, by the community, and for the community.
Nature Stimulus Project is a green enterprise that uses market mechanisms to raise funds for biodiversity conservation and climate change actions. Our products, tagged as Nature Stimulus Products, come from local communities around the country.  We work with them to enhance their product value chains and address their last mile challenges in marketing. Our main selling point: using 100% of our profits for conservation and climate change actions. Our business model promotes circular economy and works to sustain ecosystems services that underpin our communities’ livelihoods. As we do our best to provide predictable market for our communities, we also ask for your support. Buy our community products. In doing so,  you  do not just provide our local communities additional income; you also to take part in protecting life on land and below water, and in fighting climate change.


GreenPact is a Green Enterprise whose mission is to support and enhance community livelihoods which we believe are important building blocks for inclusive economic growth and for more meaningful community-led conservation and climate change actions. We will build partnerships and mobilize resources to support community value chains. Registered as an all-Filipino corporation, GreenPact has three (3) core businesses. 

  1. Nature Stimulus Project (NSP). The trading arm of the Corporation.  We will work with local communities (farmers, fisherfolk, indigenous peoples, and others) producing locally made products. We will help enhance, promote and market their products with the intent of spurring inclusive economic growth which, the GreenPact believes, is a stronger foundation for a sustained and more meaningful community-led biodiversity conservation and climate change actions. NSP’s main selling point is the giving back of 100% of its profits to conservation and climate change actions.
  2. Development and Consulting Services. Our main enabling strategy. We offer capacity-building support that will strengthen our partners relative to their sustainable livelihood initiatives and in caring for the ecosystems services that underpin those livelihoods. GreenPact will promote the principles of sustainability and circular economy in all its product development and capacity-building work.
  3. Conservation and Climate Finance. Using 100% profits from the Nature Stimulus Project, GreenPact will support activities focusing on biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation and adaptation. 
Accountability and Sustainability Reporting
GreenPact will use relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) as guides and metrics in measuring our contributions to local and global efforts to promote inclusive economic growth, in protecting the remaining biodiversity of the country, and in combatting climate change. 

All our work will be guided by our core values: Inclusion. Innovation. Partnership. Integrity. Compassion


Build partnerships. Facilitate synergy. And support livelihoods of local communities for inclusive economic growth and for a more meaningful community-led conservation and climate change actions.


To be the leading and community-trusted enterprise in stimulating inclusive growth and in working for a more livable environment.

Board Members

Clarissa G. Riva

Loretta Francia-Rico

Mariliz Dino-Cruz

Jamila Audrey G. Palomar

MGEN Cornelio H. Valencia Jr.

Dr. Neil Aldrin D. Mallari

Glen A. de Castro